Work from Anywhere

Do you like to travel? Do you wish that you could work just enough to pay for you to see the world? Believe it or not, it is totally possible thanks to the power of technology. If you’ve got a laptop and an internet connection, you can work from just about anywhere.

Here are a couple of job opportunities, along with suggested skills to help you get hired as a digital nomad:

–A writer is probably the most obvious. A travel writer would be perfect, since you get paid to visit places and then write about them. I had a friend get a job this way simply by blogging about travels at her own expense until her blog generated enough interest that a known company hired her. But any kind of writing can be done outside of a traditional office as long as you’ve got a computer. Skills you need to have: a good vocabulary and an adventurous spirit. Knowing other languages can’t hurt if you’re going to be abroad.

–Photographer. This goes hand in hand with the travel writer gig. If you are going to be somewhere beautiful, why not sell the pictures you take? There are sites that will buy your images as stock photos and others where you can sell your piece as a digital print or artwork. You need a decent camera, photo editing software, and a reliable broadband connection in order to upload the images.

–Digital freelancer. This is a pretty broad field. Basically, there’s lots of companies looking for virtual assistants or creative types that they either don’t need full time or don’t want to pay a lot of money to hire. If you’ve got IT, writing, translating, data entry, graphic design, or even just executive assistant skills (that’s just a few of what’s out there) you can find work online. Then it doesn’t matter where you are as long as you’ve got the necessary equipment and a reliable internet connection.

–ESL teacher. There’s two types that I have experience with. One, you are physically in a classroom somewhere teaching speakers with another native language how to speak English. Another way, which some of my friends have done, is teach via video conference. Many of these jobs require you to have a background in teaching, but if you, you can work from anywhere.

–Tutor. There are online tutoring services for just about every subject, so if you’re good at math, science, or are really good at writing term papers, you could give this job a try. You log into the service, and they connect you with a student who needs help. You often need teaching experience or practical experience in your chosen topic in order to qualify.

–Online Personality. These are a little bit tougher, but believe it or not, people do get paid for things like unboxing videos, product testing, or advertising/marketing. They are given free products or trips in return for exposure. You need to have excellent social media skills as well as a decent following in order to get the attention of companies who might want to work with you.

–Online seller. Whether you’re a creative type that sells things you’ve crafted or buy items on your travels to sell through ebay, you’ll need a good internet connection to stay current on orders and a reliable post office nearby to get your orders out.

–house sitter/au pair/pet watcher/dog walker. Advertise your services in advance of where you want to visit to score yourself a job and spending cash when you get there. You may even secure yourself free room and board, too!

These are just a few of the many fields you can try. If you’re interested, take a look around online. There’s no reason to be tied to a commute and an office anymore!