Upgrade Your Air Purifier

Smart technology is not limited to TVs, laptops, watches and other electronic devices that are used by most everyone on a daily basis. There is all kinds of stuff out there that has advanced over time as a result of the technological revolution. For example, washers and dryers, dish washers, refrigerators, alarm systems, and vacuum cleaners are not totally digital and work better than ever, performing amazing feats. Right now, I am looking at my new air purifier which I place in this category of smart mundane machines. Most everything the average person uses to better their life is sophisticated to the max. Maybe toothbrushes are next. After all, my electronic blanket and my boyfriend’s shaver are way beyond the last century’s models.

I am particularly appreciative of my air purifier because I detest air pollution. Who doesn’t? If you remember some cities in the mid-twentieth century (like Los Angeles and Tokyo most notably), they were plagued with a blanket of smog. Now air pollution has gone indoors because, believe it or not, people still smoke in public places. They sneak it if they are not allowed. Some try to do it in other people’s homes. Fortunately, smart air purifiers are strategically placed to prevent debilitating second-hand smoke.

So now I have a small portable one at home in case something foul enters through the crevasses. You have to take precautions and no one will do it for you, especially your landlord. Second-hand smoke happens all the time in condos and apartment building. You’ve no doubt seen that ad on TV where the smoke snakes around from the floor vent to the baby’s room. The message is clear. It is pretty terrifying, especially for parents. Kids are the most vulnerable. Every nursery needs an air purifier day one.

I count on my air purifier to rescue me from any type of smoke that invades my premises and protect my Clean Breathing preference. It could be from a neighbor burning leaves or a distant fire carried by the wind. If you are a techie like me, you will love the easy operation and the way some of these units connect to Wi-Fi. It is amazing. You can get readings on your computer if you want. You can control the duration of the motor with your phone. If yours doesn’t do this, by all means upgrade now and enjoy a brand new world of electrical operation. Make your life that much better—and cleaner.

I have a big list of smart devices I want to buy in the near future. The air purifier was at the top so now I can work my way down. Meanwhile there isn’t any mold, allergens, dust or pollutions in the vicinity. I can breathe easily, knowing I am inhaling only clean air. You may not even realize that you are the victim of indoor pollution. Why succumb to fate when there is something immediate that you can do!