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8 Smart Home Devices and Gadgets in 2020

Smart homes are becoming more popular and common with the growth of technology in every field. The smart home devices today are able to perform the functions which previously required considerable human efforts. Today most of the work at smart homes can be done with mere voice commands. It is necessary for a smart home to manage their power supply, network security, and usability of devices under check to make the most out of their smart home devices. Let us take a look at the best smart home devices that you can purchase in 2020.

Amazon Echo

Amazon makes the most affordable all-in-one smart home hub which can listen to your voice commands to perform functions such as playing music, checking the weather, reading news, and even control the lighting, locks, and appliances of your home.

Nesting Learning Thermostat

This device is capable of reducing the temperature of your room when you are away from your room. It can also control the room’s temperature with its Nest Temperature Sensor using its mobile app. You can also use Bluetooth to control it to save energy and data while at home.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

This doorbell is capable of recording 1080p quality videos to check who is at your door at day or night. You can charge the easily removable battery from time to time. The device is water and climate-proof and can function from -5 to 120 degrees.

Kasa Smart Plug

This small gadget can save your money by controlling your outlet’s power according to the need. These plugs can be assigned different names for better control either through the mobile app or through Google Assistant or Alexa.

Philip Hua Smart Light Bulbs

These light bulbs can be controlled using your smartphones which provides a complete handsfree experience. You can even control the intensity of the light to set the mood right for  different occasions. It also features voice commands for light settings and timers.

Pure Enrichment Air Purifier

This purifier can clean 99.9% of the dust and dirt particles from the air, as claimed by the company. It has a smart air quality checker which automatically detected bad air and started cleaning immediately. It can also keep the rooms cooler with the built-in fans giving out fresh air.

August Smart Lock

You can automatically unlock your doors with your smartphones using this device. It is easy to install and operated on a rechargeable battery. You can also use smart assistants to unlock the door with voice commands. In case you lose your smartphone, you can still unlock it with a key which comes with it.

Sonos One

This speaker uses Alexa for voice commands and provides better sound quality for playing music for your guests. It supports over 30 streaming services, including Spotify, AppleMusic, and iTunes. It can also connect with multiple Sonos speakers to provide a better and louder experience.

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