Cool Add-ons for Smartphones

The smartphone has become everyone’s faithful companion. It goes everywhere with us and we are constantly upgrading them so that we have more memory, better screens, and higher quality cameras. But sometimes, upgrading your phone isn’t possible. What can you do to improve your phone then?

Add peripherals, of course!

I’m going to talk about a few cool ones in this post. They can either help your phone do things better, replace something else you own, or even do something that is just plain cool.

You probably already know of or have heard of some pretty straightforward peripherals – styluses, portable keyboards, smartwatches, and Bluetooth headphones or speakers. Depending on what you have, these things can turn your phone into a fantastic sounding stereo, a workspace-from-anywhere tiny powerhouse, or monitor stuff like your steps and sleep patterns. There are even FM transmitters so that you can listen to the music on your phone from any radio, even if it doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities.

Next, let’s talk about cameras. What if the camera on your phone isn’t great? Well, you’re in luck. Sometimes it is not so much the resolution on the camera but its ability to take pictures in low-light situations. The newer phones are way better in this regard, but for those of us without that ability, there is a workaround. They sell extra lighting that you can attach to your phone to help light whatever you want – whether it is an awesome selfie or a beautiful flower you caught sight of in a shady spot. And if your camera isn’t up to par, there are also plenty of clip-on lenses to help ensure you get the best photo possible. Clip it on to turn your phone into a quality camera, take it off when you’re done and your phone is back to being a phone.

If you like to pass time by playing games on your phone, this next paragraph is for you. We all get frustrated by the controls sometimes, it can be hard to make them work correctly on the smaller screen. But never fear: there are controllers out there that you can use to fix the problem. They look and feel more like the controllers from your typical console system and most connect via Bluetooth. Plenty either attach to your phone or you can mount your phone on it so you don’t have to worry about trying to hold or prop up your phone while simultaneously attempting to play.  Now you can bring your A-game wherever you go!

I want to go over one more thing: projectors. You already stream movies and other things to your device. Why not use one of those cool smartphone projectors to make the image even bigger? Why bother upgrading your television when you can just cast a larger-than-life image on your wall? Your next movie night will be absolutely amazing!

Do you use any of these peripherals? If so, let me know which one(s)!