A Better Cycling Workout

The world of personal electronics is not limited to laptops, tablets, cell phones and the like. Don’t forget how much we depend upon digital technology to operate air purifiers, alarm clocks, vacuum cleaners, washer and dryers, and a whole lot more. I don’t know about you, but my world is populated with the most amazing stuff. We have been through a prolonged revolution over the last century until now, giving us with better things with which to improve our lives. I look forward to every new issue and any kind of surprises. I am what you might call a technology buff. I don’t care how things get made or the nature of the components. I don’t even want to make my own creations. I like to sing the praises of a modern world within which it is so much fun to move about. I am not a retro freak like some who enjoys collecting old-fashioned appliances for the kick of it. No, I want to be up to date through and through.

Sometimes, new technology stares us in the face and we don’t even recognize it. Take the bike trainer at the gym – if you haven’t seen one before, they look like this – https://www.onroadandmountain.com/find-best-bike-trainer/. I use it daily for a great aerobic workout. Let me tell you how it works. It is an electronic marvel. It mimics a stationary bike and that hasn’t changed since the 19th century: two wheels and handlebars. Ha! Now for the good part. The bike is digital all the way and provides an exciting virtual experience. The screen in front is not for watching ball games or the news. You can select the kind of terrain you want to appear to make your cycling engrossing and fun. I like the mountain selection, although there is one at the beach and in the park.

Of course, like basic bike trainers, you watch the mileage on your LED screen as well as your calories and heartbeat. If you want, you can don the headset and listen to a “real person” give you a pep talk for motivation. Or you can opt for fast-paced music to keep those feet pedaling at maximum speed. I no longer take my iPod with the earbuds that constantly fall out. I even leave the cell phone in my backpack as I have been known to forget it in the little side compartment of the bike.

Technology has changed my life for the better, and whether you admit it or not, it has changed yours. It is just a matter of coming to terms with how much we depend on it. Sure, we could go back to analog clocks and TVs, but what about all the improvements in medical equipment and automobile design. I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere in my car without the navigation and route planner software. I wouldn’t even wake up on time in the morning without my digital alarm clock. Then my digital coffee maker does its job to give me a wonderful hot coffee. And then the day goes on…